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Therapy, recreation and leisure time

It is very important for residents to fill their free time. Therefore, Retirement Home “Pogodna Jesień” offers all kinds of entertainment mental and rehabilitation.

Depending on the needs of seniors, their skills and opportunities to participate in classes, we provide many opportunities also further intellectual development and their fitness.

Every day brings new ideas, new forces to have fun and enjoy their lives, among those people, who understand the needs of residents.

Seasons define the path of spending free time:

1. Outputs for walks matched to the possibilities of individual residents.

2. Fun themed improve mind and body.

3. Learning new songs and hymns, and their execution.

4. Celebration of birthdays.

5. Celebration of the important holidays for every Pole - Easter, Christmas, etc.

6. Reminding of the very important dates from the history of Poand and history of the world.

7. Participating in chats about family, family traditions with coffee and cake.

8. Daily morning gymnastics widely understood

9. Art classes, create galleries of completed work.

10. Trips to the cinema, to the mushrooming to the nearby forest, lake.

11. Participating in the celebration of small and large local events.

12. Participation in performances of invited theaters.

13. Weekly celebration of Mass in our house.

14. Tracking everyday events, and joint discussion

15. Culinary workshops.

16. The ability to listen to an interesting book in the form of audio book.

Everyone will be able to find for itself as much as it tells sense of humor and willingness to have fun.

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