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Body and soul

One of the conditions of well-being is physical activity, that allows you to keep your body and mind in good shape.
In home care for the elderly “Pogodna jesień”, qualified persons will lead the development of physical inmate, and doctors and specialists diagnose health and will select medications and rehabilitation by physical activity.

Home care for the elderly “Pogodna jesień” this is also a gymnasium and an equipment for the rehabilitation, but the most important, however, for the elderly is a movement in the open air! Walks, bike rides, nordwalking.

We invite you to National Park in Rokitno, which is conducive to all kinds of tours.
Nearby woods invite for walks in winter, spring, summer and autumn mushrooming.

Two beautiful lakes, which are located just a few kilometers from our home, invite you for swimming, canoeing, pedalos, as well as water bath.

Projekt i wykonanie