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About Us, purpose and mission, history

What is our aim and mission?

Our mission -  to create a place full of peace and hapiness. The place, where you will feel better than at home. We know that older people like stays in sanatorium, because of the good care, rehabilitation, spending time together with people of the same age, and the most excited them the fact that they have no time for boredom – they spending their time on classes, walking and dancing.

That's why we decided to create home for the elderly, the retirement home Pogodna Jesień, which should meet the condition like in sanatorium, but with the possibility of permanent residence.

Our biggest advantage is to combine care for the body, with the care of the mind and soul.

We invite all seniors and their families and friends to visit the retirement home "Pogodna Jesień"!
We know that man is a very complex and to feel happy, requires a number of conditions - must feel needed, valuable and respected.
Our task is to meet all these needs.


Projekt i wykonanie